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A quick fact about Turbulence Training is that it can be done by anyone anywhere and anytime with or without equipments since there are hundredths exercise in Turbulence Training.

If you're busy all day long then Turbulence Training will be the right choice. All you need is to spend a minimal time (3 Minutes to up to 30 minutes) in which enough for a complete session workout for a maximal benefit.

In fact, Turbulence Training is also one of the best ways to burn fat and lose weight instead of doing 30 minutes boring aerobic workout.

So what the heck is Turbulence Training? Turbulence Training is a form of exercise that can be performed using bodyweight, weights or dumbells and interval training. Normally, this workout is done by order or in a consecutive sequence in which involves "supersetting", where one exercise followed immediately (no rest) by the next exercise (A1 & A2).

Remember, design of Turbulence Training is dependent on the session objective or goal. Craig Ballantyne, the founder of Turbulence Training has introduced unique and versatile exercises for various purposes. There are exercise for burn fat faster, improve cardio fitness, build muscles, abs workout, quick workouts, women workouts, workout for busy guys etc.

Scientific researches have shown that Turbulence Training has several strength benefits including increased muscle strength, lean body mass,improved posture, enhanced muscle balance, increased bone density etc.


Craig Ballantyne - Turbulence Training Books Recopilation
15-minute TT Kettlebell Express Workouts Feb 2010.pdf
21-Day Kick-Start Transcript.pdf
31 Interval Training Workouts.pdf
4-Week Advanced Bodybuilding Program.pdf
5 Motivation Secrets + Bonus Tips.pdf
Add 25 Pounds to Your Bench Part.pdf
Advanced Beach Body Workout Personalized for an Advanced Bodybuilder.pdf
Article 1_Best Exercise Selection and Exercise Order for TT Workouts.pdf
Article 2_Best Number of Sets for Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, & Females.pdf
Article 3_Science and Myths of Repetitions.pdf
Article 4_Reader Training Program Critique.pdf
Article 5_TT Fusion Fat Loss.pdf
Article 6_Truth About Time Under Tension.pdf
Booty for Wife 2.0 The 12-Week Workout That Puts Curves in All the Right Spots April 2010.pdf
Clash of the Titans II Ballantyne Strikes Back.pdf
Clash of the Titans III Romanz Revenge.pdf
Cosgrove Vs. Ballantyne Transcript, Interview with Fat Loss Expert, Alwyn Cosgrove.pdf
Get Lean Bonus Report How to Get Lean & Gain Mass.pdf
Intermediate Beach Body TT Workout.pdf
Interview Big 5 Fat Loss Exercise Mike Mahon, Craig Ballantyne.pdf
Interview Chris Mohr 2010 Part 1.pdf
Interview Craig Ballantyne, Alwyn Cosgrove.pdf
Interview Craig Ballantyne, Holly Rigsby.pdf
Interview Dr. Chris Mohr Part 2, 2010.pdf
Interview DrWalsh Fat Loss.pdf
Interview Holly Rigsby.pdf
Interview Jason Ferruggia 2010 Audio.pdf
Interview Transformation Secrets of a Fitness Model Craig Ballantyne, John Romaniello Part 1.pdf
Interview Transformation Secrets of a Fitness Model Craig Ballantyne, John Romaniello Part 2.pdf
Interview Transformation Secrets of a Fitness Model Craig Ballantyne, John Romaniello Part 3.pdf
Interview Vince Del Monte 5M's.pdf
Men’s Beginner Guide to Fat Loss.pdf
Men’s Executive’s Lifestyle Program.pdf
TT For Fat Loss.pdf
TT 10-Minute Holiday Workouts Dec. 2006.pdf
TT 101 Beginners Training for Fat Loss Workout May 2009.pdf
TT 12-Minute Workouts Dec 2007.pdf
TT 12-Week Hot Zone Training Program.pdf
TT 15-Minute Express Dec. 2009.pdf
TT 15lbs of Mass March 2006.pdf
TT 2K10 Fat Loss Workout Jan 2010.pdf
TT 2K8 Fat Loss TT for Fat Loss 2008 Edition Jan 2008.pdf
TT 2K9 Fat Loss Jan 2009.pdf
TT 3-Minute Arms Sept. 2008.pdf
TT 30 Days of Maximum Fat Loss, Bonus.pdf
TT 30-Minute Bodyweight Challenge June 2008.pdf
TT 300 Workout Fat Loss Program May 2007.pdf
TT 300 Workout Fat Loss Program Spreadsheet May 2007.pdf
TT 4-Week Bodyweight Program for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Fitness Levels Oct. 2005.pdf
TT 6-Minute Abs October 2008.pdf
TT 6-Month Bodyweight Manual.pdf
TT 8-Week Bodyweight Program.pdf
TT AAA Abs Workout Guidelines April 2009.pdf
TT BW Bodybuilding 2.0 June 2010.pdf
TT BW-DB Fusion Fat Loss Oct. 2006.pdf
TT Beginner Total Torso Training Jan 2010.pdf
TT Big 5 Fat Loss Exercise Circuit May 2008.pdf
TT Bodybuilding.pdf
TT Bodyweight 1000 Chart March 2008.pdf
TT Bodyweight 1000 March 2008.pdf
TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding.pdf
TT Bodyweight Cardio 2.0 Nov. 2008.pdf
TT Bodyweight Cardio 2008 October 2008.pdf
TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 May 2010.pdf
TT Bodyweight Workout for Athletes 8-Week Program April 2006.pdf
TT Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks Feb. 2009.pdf
TT Build Muscle @ Home April 2007.pdf
TT Build Muscle @ Home Spreadsh April 2007.pdf
TT Circuit Training Feb. 2008.pdf
TT Clash of the Titans.pdf
TT DB-BW Fusion Supersets 2008 July 2008.pdf
TT Depletion Workouts June 2009.pdf
TT Europe Vacation Workout Sept 2009.pdf
TT Exercise Descriptions.pdf
TT Fat Burning Medicine Ball Workouts Dec 2008.pdf
TT Fat Loss Spreadsheet Jan 2007.pdf
TT Fat Loss TT For a Busy Gym Jan. 2006.pdf
TT Female Bodysculpting for Women Sept. 2008.pdf
TT Football Field 444 Challenge.pdf
TT For Abs Nutrition Audio.pdf
TT Fusion 2K9 Oct. 2009.pdf
TT Fusion Fat Loss Feb. 2006.pdf
TT Fusion Muscle Building May 2006.pdf
TT Gain Muscle & Lose Fat Workout Build Muscle & Burn Fat at the Same Time Nov 2007.pdf
TT Gauntlet Workout.pdf
TT Get Lean.pdf
TT Hardcore Fat Loss June 2006.pdf
TT Holiday Fat Loss Dec. 2005.pdf
TT Home Abdominal Workouts.pdf
TT Hot Zone Fat Loss 2008 August 2008.pdf
TT Hotel Room Workouts.pdf
TT How to Gain Muscle The Exclusive Turbulence Training Report.pdf
TT Intermediate Beach Body TT Workout.pdf
TT January 2007 TT for Fat Loss.pdf
TT Kettlebell Workouts For Fat Loss Nov 2009.pdf
TT March Madness Circuit March 2009.pdf
TT Mastering the Fat Loss Mindset - Craig Ballantyne.pdf
TT Maximum Fitness Build Muscle & Burn Fat at the Same Time Bodyweight 500 Oct 2007.pdf
TT Meatheads Bench Press System.pdf
TT Mini-Bodyweight Circuits Aug 2009.pdf
TT Nutrition Guide for Fat Loss Guidelines from Dr. Mohr.pdf
TT Perfect 10 Program Ten 10-Minute Fat Loss Workouts Perfect for Busy People, Travel, & Holidays March 2007.pdf
TT Reconstruction July 2009.pdf
TT Synergy Fat Loss The Sum of the Whole is Greater than the Parts June 2007.pdf
TT Synergy Fat Loss The Sum of the Whole is Greater than the Parts Spreadsheet June 2007.pdf
TT The Advanced Abdominal Nutrition Guidelines Meal Plans - Isabel De Los Rios.pdf
TT The Advanced Bodyweight Workout July 07.pdf
TT The DB-KB-BW Fusion Workout Aug 2007.pdf
TT The DB-KB-BW Fusion Workout Spreadsheet Aug 2007.pdf
TT Total Body Transformation Secrets.pdf
TT Transformation 2 Judgement.pdf
TT Transformation Jan 2010.pdf
TT Unilateral Fat Loss Workout Feb. 2007.pdf
TT Workout SuperChargerz.pdf
TT for Abs Home Abdominal Workouts.pdf
TT for Abs QnA Report.pdf
TT for Abs Sept. 2007.pdf
TT for Amazing Abs April 2008.pdf
TT for Busy, Formerly Athletic Police Officers.pdf
TT for Female Strength How to Get Lean & Do Your First Chin-up Nov. 2006.pdf
TT for Jacked & Lean Meatheads Workout Guidelines Aug 2009.pdf
TT for Mass for Firefighters.pdf
TT for Meatheads Sept. 2008.pdf
TT for Meatheads V. 2.0 Nov 2008.pdf
TT for Muscle-Insiders Sept. 2006.pdf
TT for Reformed Meathead May 2009.pdf
TT for Women 12-Week Manual.pdf
TT for Women Bodysculpting Workout 4-Week Aug 2006.pdf
Teleseminar Jay Ferruggia vs. Craig Ballantyne.pdf

TT Nutrition
31 Amazing Blender Drinks.pdf
Brad Pilon & metabolism Myths - Craig Ballantyne, Brad Pilon.pdf
Lazy Man's Guide to Veggie Eating.pdf
Meal Plans for Women May 2008.pdf
TT Simple Nutrition for Fat Loss.pdf

20-Minute Workouts for Busy Dads -
21 The Abdominal Exercise Index -
Bikini Ready Abs Home Workout -
Fit Yummy Fit Fast 4-Week Workout -
Home Gym Warrior By Jason Ferruggia.pdf
How Hormones Affect Your Fat Loss.pdf
Kettlebell Fat Loss Unleashed -
Lose Weight; get in Fabulous Shape and Look Amazing with Stair Exercises - Virgil Aponte.pdf
The Top 5 Tactics to Look Your Absolute Best and Get Noticed , Advanced After Photo Tips - Joey Vaillancourt Fitness,
The Trouble Spot Tune-Up 10-Minute Troublespot Workout Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Mini Workout Floor Exercises.pdf
Progressions for the Perfect Pistol Squat - grrlAthlete.pdf
Secrets of Female Strength and Conditioning -
ShapeShift Bonus The Advanced Athletic Workout -
ShapeShift How to get into Game Shape and Develop the Athletic Look -
The Simple Way to Lose Weight -

Diet & Nutrition
Against the grain 150 Good Carb Mediterranean Recipes - Diane Kochilas.pdf
High-Octane, Fat Burning Recipes By Michael A. Roussell.pdf
Meal Plans for Men & Women -
Meal Plans for Men May 2008 -, Craig Ballantyne
8-Week Intermediate Mass Program.pdf
Ali’s Basketball Workout Young Female Athlete Beginner Wkt.pdf
Barely Legal Mass-gain Nov. 2005.pdf
Get Big AND Save Your Shoulders.pdf
Rugby Speed & Interval Workouts.pdf
Rugby Speed Manual.pdf
Rugby Strength & Mass Manual.pdf

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